random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

we didn't invent fucked-up, we just made it better - ckfahrenheit

I like how you can see just a hint of asshole - crom

a Canadian's ass is like a Play-doh Fun Factory - -_-

you do not get to nominate your own comments for taglines - b

damn I am indignant and my panties are in a bunch - madpride

coping with death by nonsensicality since ... today, apparently - taiga

G-spot orgasms are like another instrument in the big band of sexual response - GordonGuano

An aspiring tugger should probably consult a doctor before getting started... - HP Lovekraftwerk

why havent we replaced MORE fabrics with bacon-cloth? - wottan

I'm here to split heads, not research my thesis - papango

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