random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

where you can be a vagitarian - vahid

if we stop respecting 'dibs' then the world will dissolve into chaos - balzac

which do you prefer sir, high or low velocity? - theolypse

fuck the DM! We're taking this game into the Matrix - Ankylosaur

how do you develop a resistance to something that drills a hole in you and injects DNA - moriati

I like that bear's buttocks - warmseat

I didn't learn anything, I'm not a better person, but I laughed and wasted a few minutes - Mopy J

you gave your game away with the Troll Moderation - circulate

when the turtles entered my life, they taught me to be self-aware - ComposerNate

obviously a strongly elongated penis is the solution - mjteegarden

ain't nuthin gay about liking a girl with a pretty cock - sacrelicious

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