random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

golden Sharias for Justice! - Sgt Harry Snapper Organs..

too subversive to be subtle - Chop-Logik

because the only thing more awesome than having a team of ninjas and a harem is having it be the same team - Jewbacchus

who needs chocolate when you have cock? - discoLemonade

my modesty gourd is bigger than his modesty gourd - robotroadkill

shetland is teh hawt equine - leswilkerson

fuck the DM! We're taking this game into the Matrix - Ankylosaur

come for the porn, stay for the psychoanalysis - Barnabas_Truman

^ ^ v v <> <> B A - Polyphemus

there's always time to pump - sacrelicious

better to have clicked and hated than never to have clicked at all - sanepride

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