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THE DARK TOWER - Official Trailer (HD)

quote [ In a world full of superheroes, there’s only one Gunslinger. ]
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steele said[3] @ 11:32am GMT on 3rd May [Score:2 Underrated]

I don't know anymore. Go on then, I guess. There are other worlds than these.

edit: and there are six gunslingers! :(
ubie said @ 12:12pm GMT on 3rd May
I want this to be decent, i'm not even hoping for 'good', so bad, and yet fear I shall only wind up disapointed.
Anti_fuites said @ 12:42pm GMT on 3rd May
With large parts of the novels taking place inside people's heads (literally) I've never imagined a good way to make this story into a movie. I think the best we're going to get is a super stripped down action flick.
backSLIDER said @ 8:00pm GMT on 3rd May
I honestly hope that is what they try for. If they try to do the whole thing or even part of it in some funky way it will just end up a mess.
midden said @ 1:46pm GMT on 3rd May
I haven't been watching all the hype for this movie. I take it from the trailer that this is just the first of a series, if it's successful? I haven't seen any mention of Eddie or Susannah.
steele said @ 1:55pm GMT on 3rd May
Lol, there has been no hype. There was some arguments over a black Roland but other than that, they've been flying pretty low under the radar. First trailer for a movie coming out in 3 months. I don't think this is going to be a series. Or successful.
midden said @ 2:25pm GMT on 3rd May
I thought Elba was a good choice for Roland, as an actor, but the way it would change the dynamic between Roland and Susannah is tricky.

I always imagined the story as looking like A Fist Full of Dollars, but I can see trying to make Roland's insane skill with his pistols more Matrix Bullet Timey. Eddie, Susannah and Jake could be the new Neo, Morpheus and Trinity by the end of the series.
steele said @ 3:57pm GMT on 3rd May
Yeah, I don't think they're planning on a series. Also, no mention of Eddie or Susannah on imdb.
midden said @ 7:04pm GMT on 3rd May
The first book was just Jake and Roland as I recall. That's why I was thinking they are hoping for a series, if this first one is successful. It may go the way of The Golden Compass, though, and never get past the first installment.
steele said[1] @ 7:33pm GMT on 3rd May
Yeah, but the trailer really looks like it's combined the first book with the drawing of the three, minus two people and 5 more books. I could totally be wrong but everything i've been reading and seeing this past year looks like this is a one shot... "adaptation."

Standard King cinema, iow.

And even with Roland being black, it still looks like they managed to make it all about the white kid. :P
midden said @ 11:01pm GMT on 3rd May
Well, the white kid was pretty important, even getting semi resurrected, plus all Roland's drawn out angsts over his first death. But if they just drop Eddie and Susannah all together, that'll be a big disappointment. How often do we get to see black women in wheelchairs as kick-ass action movie heroes? Or heroin addicts who find strength in family and friends to kick their habit and help save the world?
b said @ 3:22pm GMT on 5th May
I'ts been a very long time since I read any of the Gunslinger novels, so I honestly don't remember anything about them, but I was certainly hoping for more of a brooding, dystopian western vibe and less pan-dimensional action flick.
Headlessfriar said @ 1:57pm GMT on 3rd May
The premise that was first pitched years ago was that Dark Tower's filmed franchise would exist as a series of both full length films and seasons of a tv show, alternating with eachother to do the complete story. Also, there were hints that this isn't a movie version or reboot, but that the whole thing is a direct sequel to the final book. If you read past the part where King told you to stop reading, there was suggesting of a giant, slowly changing cycle to the story. Rumors are that Roland is now going through the films with the Horn of Eld.
steele said @ 2:14pm GMT on 3rd May
That franchise thing has been dead for years. Which is unfortunate, given how well Marvel has demonstrated it can work.
Dienes said @ 9:55pm GMT on 3rd May
That's what I heard, too, that its a different cycle than the one in the books, hence the little changes.

Come to think of it, I believe that's what they are doing with The Magicians adaptation, and that's been great so far.
thepublicone said @ 12:47am GMT on 4th May
If they play this off as a direct sequel, and they make it clear that Roland has the Horn, then I'm still cool with what I've just witnessed.

Otherwise, this could get ugly VERY quickly, and the legions of King fans- which you know includes a lot of film critics- will not be kind. They view the Dark Tower series as King's ever-evolving masterpiece, arguable "ending" or not, and fucking with that will get you a world of critical hurt.... and a whole lot of internet wrath.
b said @ 3:20pm GMT on 5th May
This looks pretty bad, unfortunately.

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