Friday, 21 April 2017

Why is Russia so good at encouraging women into tech?

quote [ Stem subjects - science, technology, engineering, maths - have an image problem. But not in Russia. ]
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HoZay said @ 1:11pm GMT on 21st Apr [Score:1 Insightful]
No mention of Russia's history of Communism, which encouraged gender equality. Russian women used to be mocked in western media as unfeminine tractor drivers.
Also, the high number of Russian casualties in WWII required everybody to participate in the rebuilding.
XregnaR said @ 1:47pm GMT on 21st Apr
I thought the same thing, not specifically about communism, but that during and after WWII the load was born equally.
Anonynonymous said[2] @ 8:21pm GMT on 21st Apr
Because just about all the feminists over here are doing these days are herding women into useless degrees such as gender studies, sociology, and liberal art, and then somehow claim that this is empowering. When all they're doing is creating more hardline feminism ideologues and little else.
zarathustra said @ 1:18am GMT on 22nd Apr
Or, they are creating an army with no choice but to join the revolution.
HoZay said @ 1:45am GMT on 22nd Apr
Abdul Alhazred said @ 7:48pm GMT on 22nd Apr
Numbers, is that you?

I can unequivocally state that there are women going into technical fields. My daughter, for instance, is a software engineer. I personally know a large number of women who have gone into engineering and other technical fields. Your statements are utter bullshit, in other words. Alternative facts, as it were.
Anonynonymous said[1] @ 10:19am GMT on 23rd Apr
Nowhere in my comment implied that NO women are going into technical fields. Reading comprehension is important. I'm only stating that a major problem with the 3rd wave feminism in America is that often time instead of actually encouraging young women to take more interests in STEM related subjects, all the rhetorics ended up compelling them into getting mostly worthless "feel-good" degrees instead. I too know plenty of women in the STEM field from my work, and the majority of them have negative opinions of what the current 3rd wave feminism is doing to young women's worldview.

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blawiz said[1] @ 9:24pm GMT on 22nd Apr
maybe cause russia is poorer, so theres a economical incentive? people who are better off can choose more with the heart, and tend to choose stereotypically.

"An interesting finding to emerge from some of the research is that in developing countries women are more likely than their Western counterparts to choose jobs in the typically male field of technology because these jobs are better paid and offer better career opportunities. In the highly developed democratic countries, however, women are freer to choose what they typically prefer: work involving face to face dealings with people."


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