Monday, 20 March 2017

Spiders Eat 400-800 Million Tons of Prey Every Year

quote [ Compare this to the fact that the worldwide human population consumes around 400 million tons of meat and fish every year. ]

Was going to make this a comment in the ant post, but it seemed worth its own.
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LurkerAtTheGate said @ 9:01pm GMT on 20th Mar [Score:1 WTF]
Spiders eat 400-800M tons of mostly insects.

Ankylosaur said @ 10:27pm GMT on 20th Mar
darkgreybanner said @ 3:44pm GMT on 21st Mar
Won't this make spiders our enemy once we are forced to shift to an insect based protein diet?
eidolon said @ 8:15pm GMT on 20th Mar
The link opens with a picture of an orb weaver that might be much less cute than thumbnail spider... just warning you guys. I am gonna go scratch off all my skin now.
midden said @ 12:20am GMT on 21st Mar [Score:1 Interesting]
Jumping spiders are totally the cutest. They also have amazing eyes. You know when you see one and it turns and seems to be looking right at you? It is. They have amazingly accurate depth perception by comparing sharp images to blurry images. They see a broad spectrum of colors. Unlike many other arthropods, they can aim the two largest eyes, and those eyes are shaped like little telescopes that that can swivel around inside their heads.

Yellow amycine jumping spider, Reserva Canadé, Ecuador
eidolon said @ 6:30am GMT on 21st Mar
I knew they had good eyesight and object permanence but the rest is news to me!
midden said @ 12:48pm GMT on 21st Mar [Score:1 Interesting]
When I was little, maybe eight or nine, I read a book about a boy who gets pulled into a magic tapestry. Somehow a jumping spider that was on the tapestry gets pulled in with him, but while the boy gets shrunk to fit the scale of the tapestry imagery, the spider stays the same relative size, winding up bigger than a horse. And of course, since this is a kid's fantasy book, the spider is friendly and can speak. The two then share many exciting adventures. I've loved jumping spiders ever since.
lilmookieesquire said @ 8:54pm GMT on 20th Mar
400-800 insects in your house trying to crawl inside you when you sleep.
satanspenis666 said @ 12:31am GMT on 21st Mar
I welcome our new spider overlords!
4321 said[1] @ 1:00am GMT on 22nd Mar

Remembeer kids, 38 percent of all statistics are fabricated.
Headlessfriar said @ 2:46am GMT on 22nd Mar
So, I just moved from the Seattle area back to the East Coast. I killed about 4 mosquitoes this morning. That's more than I think I saw my entire 3 years in Washington. Washington is also chock full of spiders, my toddler would run into the basement and come up with squashed spiders all over his hands, giggling maniacally. He may have issues. The point I'm making is though, tons of spiders, no bugs I ever felt the need to swat.

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