Monday, 20 March 2017

The Ant Channel

quote [ AntsCanada is an organization promoting the pet ant keeping hobby, myrmecology, ecology, and habitat conservation. Its aim is to make pet ant keeping simple and enjoyable and thereby promote ant awareness and inspire conservation. ]

I have been fascinated with this channel for over a month. The other videos are well worth watching.

You can find their website and stuff to keep your own ants here at Ants Canada.

(Yes, I once did a post all about wasps and bees. You can still find that here.)
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lilmookieesquire said @ 7:57pm GMT on 20th Mar [Score:1 Underrated]
Ant compilation


Why ants, as super organisms, are so damn smart and how human society is, in its own way, eusocial.

If you are going to stop by my profile, you might as well learn something, right? Here are some awesome ant related links:
(No, I'm not an ant scientist or anything. It's just a lovely example that people, as a whole, are smart- but ants are quite successful (perhaps more so) as well.
What is "eusocial"?
The "Ant-ernet"
Cheating and corruption: Ants do it too!
Ants that would love silicon valley
All female ant clones.
Zombie ants!
Mecha Ants using jaws to fly/jump
cordyceps fungi
massive abandoned any colony
ants create lifeboat
crab killed and eaten alive
Army ants scavenging
ants attack termites during spawning
Electricity and insects
11 hour ritual of manhood. Gloves infested with bullet ants "30 times worse than a bee sting"
bullet ant wiki (info about bullet ant venom)
the largest ant in the world.
ants eating a gecko
ants digging a tunnel at x900 speed
about ant communication (bored old guy f'n with ants minds)
Black and vs Red ant battle
Adam and the Ants (Stand and Deliver)

'Dracula Ants' May Be Evolutionary Link
Ants Tricked Into Raising Butterflies
Ant Colonies Offer Network Solutions
Smells, Gases Keep Order in Ant Colonies
Traffic Lessons From Army Ants
Untraceable File Sharing Inspired by Ants

Even more added
How Ants Comunicate With Each Other
Ant keep domesticated bugs.
ant queen (looks like Aliens)
Ant using medicine
Why ants are successful
Super Organisms
reproductive policing
What is a super colony (site recommended from BBC)
Ant colony artwork
Caste system of ants (awesome photo gallery)
Super Organism theory (parts one and two)
aka wiki

eidolon said @ 8:07pm GMT on 20th Mar [Score:1 Good]
It looks like you were banking these for a super post! It's still worth its own post, in my opinion. The reason I limited focus to this one channel is because it already contains so many species and hours of content that I did not feel a need to aggregate more.
lilmookieesquire said[3] @ 8:55pm GMT on 20th Mar
I've made variations of this post on old, and probably new SE. I'm a huge ant fan! (As long as the fuckers aren't in my house. Those are my god damned crumbs! All of them.)

You're just adding to my collection. Please post away. I'm only a trump-post-predator)

Also, I was watching the ants Canada YouTube channel a couple days ago. Nice guy but if he says "ACfriends" one more time I'm going to feed him to his own colony.
lilmookieesquire said[1] @ 8:58pm GMT on 20th Mar
No no it was AC Family. That's even worse.

(But the channel is solidly good)

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