Thursday, 8 December 2016

I reaaly am SOZ.

quote [ I here by swear to try contain all spams/rants/stoopid lolz to this post... ]

for this day at least. (day means when I sleep in my world{head})

EDIT: It'z dead I hear.

I'm sorry i'm just a MAN
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[by R1Xhard@8:59pmGMT]


XregnaR said @ 9:02pm GMT on 8th Dec [Score:3 Funny]
Did you eat another tab? You did. You ate another tab, didn't you?
R1Xhard said @ 10:32pm GMT on 8th Dec
R1Xhard said @ 12:10am GMT on 9th Dec
kylemcbitch said @ 9:02pm GMT on 8th Dec [Score:1 Insightful]
First you Rick Roll me, then you try to placate me with South Park?

I am going to watch this episode and considering if I am going to downmod or not :P
kylemcbitch said @ 9:04pm GMT on 8th Dec [Score:1 Insightful]
Well, that link is dead. Depending where you are, the following link might be illegal.
R1Xhard said @ 9:33pm GMT on 8th Dec
As long as your on the planet EARTH why's it fucking matter???
kylemcbitch said @ 9:58pm GMT on 8th Dec
Fair, the episode was meh, and I had to supply my own link. Sorry, downmodding.
R1Xhard said @ 10:04pm GMT on 8th Dec
Meh. i tried and yea don't work in all territories but. oh well and the link i took of your's lead me to episode 9 for some reason. To each their own.
kylemcbitch said @ 10:05pm GMT on 8th Dec
That link goes to episode 10, I think you might be mistaking the link back one episode as the site title.
R1Xhard said @ 10:10pm GMT on 8th Dec
Yes yes my bad. your right just double checked. can't wait for this day to actually start
R1Xhard said[1] @ 9:39pm GMT on 8th Dec
steele said @ 11:50pm GMT on 8th Dec [Score:1 Insightful]
R1Xhard said @ 11:59pm GMT on 8th Dec

Some of us gamers really know how to multi task.
JEBUS said @ 12:02am GMT on 9th Dec
Oh BTW just so you'SE are informed

steele said @ 12:06am GMT on 9th Dec [Score:2 Insightful]
R1Xhard said @ 12:15am GMT on 9th Dec

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