Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Last One Known, Man

quote [ An endling is an individual that is the last of its species or subspecies. Once the endling dies, the species becomes extinct. The word was coined in correspondence in the scientific journal Nature. Alternative names put forth for the last individual of its kind include ender and terminarch. ]
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7 said @ 10:10pm GMT on 22nd Nov
And his name was Benjamin.
kylemcbitch said @ 10:15pm GMT on 22nd Nov
I like terminarch best.
lilmookieesquire said @ 10:29pm GMT on 22nd Nov
I wish I could remember who posted this... I feel like it's their last post...
HP Lovekraftwerk said @ 10:54pm GMT on 22nd Nov
Don't worry. Some scientist-type here told me that "species" is utterly meaningless, so we can re-create that thing in the picture by slamming together enough zebras, dogs, and a bunch of McRib sammiches (so the flesh is tasty and pre-sauced).
kylemcbitch said @ 10:59pm GMT on 22nd Nov
Well, possibly?

For example, if I wanted to make a therapod dinosaur, I would take a chicken and give it a tail and some teeth. At that point, despite it being a chicken, it is also in a very real sense a dinosaur.

There is the Species Problem, but I am pretty sure whatever this person was suggesting was more akin to genetic manipulation.

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