Monday, 26 September 2016

Philippine prosecutors want death penalty for Australian Peter Scully

quote [ The 52-year-old from Melbourne is accused of masterminding a worldwide criminal network, producing and selling videos online showing child sex abuse and torture. He has pleaded not guilty in a Philippine court.

In a case that has shocked both countries, Scully is being investigated for the alleged rape of an 18-month-old baby girl and the murder of a 12-year-old girl whose body, prosecutors will allege, was found buried beneath the kitchen of an apartment he rented in the southern city of Surigao. ]

Thumb is a drawing of my cat. I don't want to look at Peter Scully's gurning face.

In 2006 the Philippines suspended the use of the death penalty. They'd done this a couple of times before, but always left in the caveats that Congress could bring it back for 'heinous crimes'. As politicians are wont to do, it 'heinous crimes' was extended from murder to stealing a car. So in 2006 when President Arroyo suspended it, she didn't put in any caveats.

Some people wondered if there was a crime truly heinous enough that would bring back the death penalty (this is a country that has seen its fair share of violence). But one brave Australian did more than wonder. He went to the Philippines and he found out what it would take to get the state to hang him (the current President's preferred method of execution).
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pleaides said @ 7:50am GMT on 26th Sep [Score:2 Underrated]
This is a level of depravity quite beyond my comprehension
sanepride said @ 2:44pm GMT on 26th Sep [Score:2 Insightful]
Unfortunately we'll probably always have individuals who commit acts so heinous that they try our notions of justice and humanity. Nevertheless they do not diminish the ultimate barbarity and futility of capital punishment. Maybe there's some brief, visceral satisfaction in applying the ultimate revenge on such people, but in the end we are all diminished by such collective violence.
That said, it's a little bizarre that the Philippine government should be wrestling with restoring the official death penalty for this guy while suspected drug offenders are being summarily executed in the streets every day with unofficial government sanction.
R1Xhard said @ 8:34am GMT on 26th Sep [Score:1 laz0r]
Kill the kunt!
XregnaR said @ 11:38am GMT on 26th Sep
Give him to Abu Sayyaf.
Kelyn said @ 12:02pm GMT on 26th Sep
I'm against the death penalty. That being said, fry this fucker.
captainstubing said @ 12:56pm GMT on 26th Sep
Is that the husband-weeing cat?
papango said @ 2:15am GMT on 28th Sep
It is! He's stopped doing that now. Just this year he turned into a mighty hunter, bringing down any mouse who dares come inside the house.

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