Thursday, 28 January 2016

Georgia State University students robbed at gunpoint in library

quote [ This was at least the fourth robbery the university has reported since December all happening at Library North at the intersection of Decatur and Courtland streets. ]

If a poop swastika of unknown provenance is the threshold for a college dean resigning for failing to provide a safe space for students, surely this calls for a defenestration?
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[by GordonGuano@8:24pmGMT]


XregnaR said @ 9:53pm GMT on 28th Jan [Score:1 Interesting]
Fun fact - GA State campus was the primary rioting location in the ATL after the Rodney King verdict.

There is a delightful gentlemen's establishment close by called Magic City which itself has been the subject of much folklore.

It is a section of the ATL that I would avoid at night - even if escorted by a squad of Marines.
ithaqua10 said @ 4:19am GMT on 29th Jan [Score:1 Funny]
maybe if they paid their librarians a little more they wouldn't be robbing students.
dolemite said @ 8:32pm GMT on 28th Jan
As long as he did it quietly...
Ankylosaur said @ 9:06pm GMT on 28th Jan [Score:2 Funny]
He used a silencer.
XregnaR said @ 9:54pm GMT on 28th Jan
Were there any mimes?
GordonGuano said @ 8:49pm GMT on 28th Jan
backSLIDER said @ 3:40am GMT on 29th Jan
I was wondering when some of these would start getting reported. If you google "armed robbery on campus" you get 10 different news articals to 9 different campuses and none of them earlier then dec. 1 2015. Just saying that if i was going to rob someone at gun point I would choose a young person in a gun free zone for logical reasons. The world is not safe but atleast these robbers are trying to be as safe as they can about doing their work.
foobar said @ 7:49am GMT on 29th Jan
So maybe we shouldn't let any yokel have a gun?
mechanical contrivance said @ 2:38pm GMT on 29th Jan
Or require all the students to carry guns. It is Georgia, after all.
gunthar said @ 9:13pm GMT on 29th Jan
What does your commentary have to do with anything?
GordonGuano said @ 2:47am GMT on 30th Jan
With my typical searing insight, I tore apart the ludicrous claims made by the entitled and overprivileged snots involved in the #ConcernedStudent1950 kerfuffle by finding actual threats to a student body. Then I humorously suggested a mob execution of the GSU dean as a proportionate response to the Mizzou dean's fate.

As a certain holistic detective once observed, everything is fundamentally interconnected.

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