Sunday, 14 April 2024

Employee Quietly Sneaks His Own Painting Onto the Walls of a German Museum

quote [ After discovering the stunt, the ​​Pinakothek der Moderne fired the staffer and reported the crime to the police ]

Ein Saal mit Bildern der Pinakothek
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[by ScoobySnacks@5:01amGMT]


Hugh E. said @ 6:11am GMT on 15th Apr [Score:1 Underrated]
I really want to see the painting.
EvilNinjaX24 said @ 8:26pm GMT on 14th Apr
2 years for $100 in damage? Wow - they take property damage seriously.
smoki said @ 12:44pm GMT on 18th Apr
He maybe could, but I am very sure that he won't.

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