Monday, 15 May 2023

Sorry, millennials. We’re the generation that achieved nothing

quote [ Oh well, making money is for squares anyway. ]

Tagged memento and lamenting a failed media landscape, this is a more emotional take on Vice mag filing for bankruptcy.
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bbrack said @ 12:38am GMT on 16th May [Score:1 Interesting]
Just looking back to the yellow journalism years and every generation in America since has bemoaned that journalism isn't living up to what it should be, and often blames the most recent technology. It hits especially hard for this one since we have clear monetization metrics to look at. She also is overlooking cultural impacts like the Me Too movement, Black Lives Matter, Etc. I do agree with the lack of an identifiable generational counter culture, but on the other side there's been what in the 80s would have been thought of as an unthinkable erosion of the monoculture that used to exist as it's so easy to find niches vs herd.

Also, technology in last the few decades progressed at such a rate that humans cannot adopt and adapt fast enough with it. Personally I think there's so many more channels to communicate on and ways to connect that this generation is competing more than the other generations to have a voice.

As a borderline millen I feel less that nothing has been accomplished but more of powerless to impact things I really want to see change in or lack of more progress, which I imagine is pretty universal across gens. And frustration when I talk to my parents that they really aren't willing to acknowledge their role in how they shaped the things that disappointment the most, even if it was unintentional on their part.
rylex said @ 1:04am GMT on 16th May [Score:1 Underrated]
if your parents are gen Xers, dont blame them for not doing much.

the uprisings in the 70s didnt take hold and neoliberalism usurped everything.

just hope that you and I or our kids will finally take up the pitchforks and build the guillotines of change
WeiYang said @ 8:03pm GMT on 15th May
rylex said @ 8:56pm GMT on 15th May
rated for the vice bankrupt article

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