Thursday, 18 November 2021

Can Data Die? Tracking the Lenna Image

quote [ Why one of the Internet’s oldest images lives on without its subject’s consent.

In 2021, sharing content is easier than ever. Our lingua franca is visual: memes, infographics, TikToks. Our references cross borders and platforms, shared and remixed a hundred different ways in minutes. Digital culture is collective by default and has us 😂, 😭, and 😍 together all around the world.

But as the internet reaches its “dirty 30s,” what happens when pieces of digital culture that have been saved, screenshotted, and reposted for years need to retire? Let’s dig into the story of one of these artifacts: The Lenna image. ]

It really makes you think about how much control we have with our data once it's published online.
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the circus said @ 7:19pm GMT on 19th Nov [Score:1 Underrated]
Well, since nobody else's done it, and since I assume this is still acceptable here...
Paracetamol said @ 6:34pm GMT on 18th Nov
see also:
Finding Lena, the Patron Saint of JPEGs

In 1972, a photo of a Swedish Playboy model was used to engineer the digital image format that would become the JPEG. The model herself was mostly a mystery—until now.

cb361 said @ 6:44pm GMT on 18th Nov
How am I supposed to masturbate to an RBG test image of peppers?

... Actually the red one near the top if kinda sexy.
the circus said @ 6:53pm GMT on 18th Nov
There is a contemporary debate here involving things like camgirls and onlyfans. Does a Playboy centerfold get to decide, decades later, that people aren't allowed to fap to her anymore (forgetting for the moment the issue of ongoing compensation)? If someone intends to make some money by being seen nude by a few people, is it unfair if instead they wind up making lots of money by being seen by lots of people? Does Erica Campbell get to decide people aren't allowed to fap to her anymore because she found Jesus?
cb361 said @ 7:45pm GMT on 18th Nov [Score:1 Hot Pr0n]
When you fap to Erica Campbell, you're fapping to COMMUNISM.
the circus said @ 7:12pm GMT on 19th Nov
I consider it more of fapping in defiance of God's will.
cb361 said @ 9:27pm GMT on 19th Nov
Hugh E. said @ 12:00am GMT on 20th Nov
The image in question is not a nude. Did she not have agency when she did pose for the photo?
cb361 said @ 9:02pm GMT on 18th Nov
Hmmm. The Internet is one giant decentralised blockchain. You can add stuff, but you can't take it away.
Jack Blue said @ 9:20pm GMT on 18th Nov
I love how a long swedish e is so difficult in English so people just give up and respell the name. "Gretta", "Lenna" and so on.
the circus said @ 7:11pm GMT on 19th Nov
I think my keyboard is ethnocentric.

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