Monday, 21 June 2021

Paid for their Tears: The Peculiar Profession of Professional Mourners

quote [ The business of death is one as old as time. Today the market size of global death care services is valued at over $100 billion annually and it's expected to double in the next decade too (an increase attributed to more demand for lavish funerals). ]

Also of mention would be the cost of professional mourners
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macst34 said @ 9:02am GMT on 23rd Jun
An interesting side note for funeral processions in Taiwan, some of them have pole dancers (and maybe strippers?) They have these jeep wranglers with a dancing pole mounted on a platform in the back to use as a mobile performance stage. They also seem to come out for temple celebrations.

refs, for research purposes, um, yeah:

bbc article from 2018

quartz article from 2017 w/ video

metro article about a documentary about them. 2017

aforementioned documentary:
Dancing for the Dead: Funeral Strippers in Taiwan.

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