Friday, 15 January 2021

The 15-Minute City Is Having a Moment

quote [ The concept of 'a ville du quart d’heure' is that daily necessities are within a 15-minute reach on foot or by bike. ]

A little older article on the benefits of the design; Honeycomb-shaped streets would stop traffic from getting sticky
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avid said @ 7:30am GMT on 16th Jan
This seems totally at odds with the trend towards centralisation and consolidation. Can't have a 15 minute city without lots of small businesses, except maybe franchises. Maybe moving certain categories like groceries to a delivery model will free up the mixed use commercial spaces for nightlife and restaurants, though.

Paracetamol said @ 9:41pm GMT on 16th Jan
Hmm … that's pretty much my lifestyle here, though. Definitely viable. Also: no cars.

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