Friday, 21 August 2020

TurboTax Sucks Ass

quote [ File for free by clicking the links below. ]

TurboTax charges for a service that the IRS could provide for free. They lobbied successfully against this, but are required to provide a free portal, which they have of course hidden away in the ass-end of the internet (hint: it's not TurboTax Free Version). The Hasan Minhaj show collected links to all the free portals on this site.
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gma said @ 4:01am GMT on 21st Aug
Hasan Minhaj's show just got the cancelled, which is a shame. It's a little bit "John Oliver for Millennials" but they covered some interesting/obscure topics.

I'm hoping he lands somewhere else. Netflix isn't a great home for weekly, topical content anyway. It's one of the few things traditional TV is better at.
Hugh E. said @ 4:09am GMT on 21st Aug
The Hasan Minhaj show collected links to all the free portals on this site.
And the Hasan Minhaj show was canceled. Coincidence? I report. You decide.
5th Earth said @ 2:20am GMT on 22nd Aug
Only if your income is less than $69,000. Which I realize is a lot of people, but also excludes a lot of people.

Really, the issue in my mind is having us do our own taxes at all. Let the IRS do it and send me the forms to double-check. Cut down on fraud, no problems with companies sending use late tax info, etc. Of course when they inevitably make a mistake I'm sure the appeals process would be godawful.
Dienes said @ 5:28pm GMT on 22nd Aug
Turbo Tax likes to charge $50 to file state income tax - even if your state has no income tax. Funny how nothing pops up to say it isn't necessary.

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