Monday, 15 June 2020

Man Discovers A Still Working 30-Year-Old Apple Computer In His Parents’ Attic

quote [ My kids thought things were insanely retro when my wife and I played NES Super Mario on the oldest's Switch.

Tomorrow morning their definition of retro is going to shift significantly. ]

I miss hacker screens and ASCII art and green text on a black screen.
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[by tom the fish@10:46pmGMT]


mechanical contrivance said @ 2:15am GMT on 16th Jun
Damn kids. They know nothing of their digital heritage.
cb361 said @ 9:33am GMT on 16th Jun
Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. I gather the new iPhone has an amber monochrome touch screen, and all the games go "boop!"
5th Earth said @ 3:03am GMT on 16th Jun
+1 oddly heartwarming
the circus said @ 3:15pm GMT on 16th Jun
Been meaning to look up the old gold box games. I think there's browser versions of them now.
arrowhen said @ 3:31pm GMT on 16th Jun
The last good Apple product. :)
C18H27NO3 said @ 9:06pm GMT on 16th Jun
I miss the time when video games weren't a thing.

Did I say get off my lawn?
mechanical contrivance said @ 3:07am GMT on 17th Jun
Those were dark times.

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