Wednesday, 13 May 2020

The Teenage Prank That's Lasted 60 Years

quote [ I was a bored high schooler when I made up a harmless story about the creature from the sandpits. Decades later, its legend still haunts our small Southern town. ]

Summer in space let us play a prank
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[by ScoobySnacks@5:01amGMT]


cb361 said @ 2:08pm GMT on 13th May
It’s an interesting aspect of the human personality that we would rather be scared that a mysterious monster in the swamp might eat our children, than face the emptiness of world that doesn’t actually contain any mystery.
dolemite said @ 5:43am GMT on 15th May
I read it as an allegory. I think this story unintentionally explains how most of the statistics collected by the gun lobby come into existence.

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