Sunday, 27 October 2019

The Goiânia Radiological Accident

quote [ Radioactive isotopes have a very niche use in medicine, where they are used both in diagnosis as well as in treatment. The most widely used is radiotherapy, where a concentrated dose of radiation is directed towards a malignant tumor or group of cancerous cells to kill them. Sometimes tiny doses of radioactive materials called radiotracers are injected into the bloodstream of a patient, and the gamma rays they give off are imaged with the help of a special camera to create images of the inside of the patient’s body. ]

Lessons learned in radiology
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lilmookieesquire said @ 5:39am GMT on 27th Oct
I remember reading this from somewhere before- maybe old SE. I remember being extremely pissed that the only person who wasn’t a total idiot ended up dying.

“ By this time a significant number of people were physically ill. Ferreira’s wife, Gabriela Maria Ferreira, suspected that the glowing powder from the source assembly was causing the sickness. She went to the second scrapyard, where her husband sold the capsule, and convinced the owner to put the remnants of the source assembly in a bag. She then took the bag to a hospital and deposited it on the desk of the doctors, saying that this thing was “killing her family”.

Nice that one of the doctors recognized radiation burns and they were able to figure out what happened before it lingered in the public too long.

Kind of shitty the article quipped “his persistence paid off” when he broke the canister’s seal.

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