Thursday, 6 June 2019

These Millennials Got New Roommates. They’re Nuns.

quote [ Sarah Jane Bradley was an unmarried, “spiritual but not religious” professional in her early 30s, with a rowdy group of friends and a start-up when she moved out of her communal house and into a convent. ]

I have been working with nuns in the midwest; I have been struck by their knowledge, skill and dedication. Like the article says, their average age is 80.
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mechanical contrivance said @ 1:19pm GMT on 6th Jun
steele said @ 10:25pm GMT on 6th Jun
Good movie. Weirdest crossover episode ever.
JWWargo said[1] @ 7:53pm GMT on 6th Jun
This is the kind of synthesis of differing human values and ideals I love seeing happen in the world.
ethanos said @ 9:40pm GMT on 6th Jun [Score:1 Interesting]
Me too. I have to say my personal experience working with nuns was scant until a few weeks ago. What I experienced was uplifting regarding human endeavor. They have created a foundation that is staffed by many who seem to share similar characteristics of the "nones" in the article regarding age and a dedication to social justice, so the article reaffirmed my impressions of my early work with the sisters.
Dienes said @ 11:43pm GMT on 6th Jun
I know when I think of 'radical social justice' I think of Catholicism.
JWWargo said @ 12:10am GMT on 7th Jun
Which I believe was a point made in the article. The men and women who participated in the project came to see these nuns as living a countercultural lifestyle that happens to be big on social justice.
Dienes said @ 8:21pm GMT on 7th Jun [Score:1 Underrated]
(so long as that doesn't interfere with propping up an organization that aggressively fights against the rights of minorities, and is known for its systemic abuse of children)
JWWargo said @ 10:04pm GMT on 7th Jun
steele said @ 12:25am GMT on 7th Jun
A Catholic Nun on What It Really Means to Be Pro-Life

During the Bush and Obama years, there were a number of Roman Catholic Nuns that were very anti-war, pro social safety net. If I'm thinking of the right ones they even had a bus tour where they were going around joining in with protests. I think Sister Joan Chittister was one of them. I think they were also rather vocal about Benedict's silence on social issues... I seem to remember a lot of butting of heads between them and the Vatican.

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