Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull narrowly sees off leadership challenge from Peter Dutton

quote [ Malcolm Turnbull has emerged victorious after calling a Liberal leadership spill 48-35, beating Peter Dutton, who has resigned from the ministry. ]

So in the centre-right party that runs Australia, Malcolm, our Prime Minister who is in bed with the big banks, avoided being knifed by Peter, a racist shit-stain, by selling out the last of his integrity and our environment.

Peter quits and over the next week we get to watch them try to fuck each other over and see who can suck Rupert Murdoch's dick the best to win the support of the news.
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[by eggboy@12:56amGMT]


eggboy said @ 3:37am GMT on 21st Aug
Be interesting to see if he joins Bernadi's fumbling batshit Australian Conservatives party, Clive Palmer's Palmer United corporate populists, or being a racist Queenslander, Katter or One Nation. A pox on wherever he goes.
captainstubing said @ 5:37am GMT on 21st Aug
He wont be going anywhere. He'll be PM next week.

Hopefully we have finally hit rock bottom.
eggboy said @ 5:53am GMT on 21st Aug
I didn't think we could go lower than Tony, but Dutton might take the dickhead cake if he gets PM. The good news is even if newscorp is working overtime to back him, I doubt he's likable enough to beat Labor in the election next year. Being an evil piece of human garbage.
One Nation will jump all over his dick when he has a go tho. I hope they get distracted enough back-stabbing each other that the Liberal policy and campaign falls to bits.
eggboy said @ 9:29am GMT on 27th Aug

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