Thursday, 26 July 2018

The U+32FF Problem

quote [ On 30 April 2019, Emperor Akihito of Japan is expected to abdicate the chrysanthemum throne. The Japanese calendar counts up from the coronation of a new emperor, using not the name of the emperor, but the name of the era they herald. The official name of Akihito's son Naruhito's era has yet to be announced, causing concern for diary publishers, calendar printers and international standards bodies. "The magnitude of this event on computing systems using the Japanese Calendar may be similar to the Y2K event with the Gregorian Calendar." ]

Akihito, the last Emperor of the Before Times. Stockpile Pocky and hentai before it all comes crashing down.

More: Japan's Emperor Is Stepping Down Soon, Which Could Cause Major Headaches for Computer Calendars:
It might not sound like a big deal, but for the Unicode Consortium, the organization responsible for establishing standards when it comes to displaying text (and emoji) on devices around the globe, it means extra work on their end to accommodate the nonexistent era character, referred to as U+32FF by the organization. The current Heisei era character is “㍻,” or U+337B.

Unicode needs to set the standard for that new character. But it can’t do that until it knows what it’s called, and it won’t know that until late February at best. Unfortunately, version 12 of Unicode is due to come out in early March, which means it needs to be finished before then, and can’t be delayed.

The bad timing means Unicode may have to update the scheduled version 12 release with a smaller 12.1 release.

"The characters encoded for these calendrical symbols in Unicode have compatibility decompositions, and those decompositions depend on the actual name chosen for the era. Because the decomposition, once assigned, is immutable, involving Unicode normalization, the UTC cannot afford to make any mistakes here, nor can it just guess and release the code point early."

Marked NSFW because if you google U+32FF all you get are pictures of amply-filled bras.
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mcclint said @ 9:27pm GMT on 26th Jul
Oooooor they could just abandon an archaic system of figurehead monarchs. I’m just sayin
Ankylosaur said @ 9:46pm GMT on 26th Jul
Exactly! It is surprising that they still us such a system in this, the year of Our Lord, 2018.
arrowhen said @ 12:34am GMT on 27th Jul
That's why I only buy my Whoppers from Burger Elected Representive.

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