Sunday, 6 May 2018

19th century feather-covered sex doll

quote [ Yesterday I sent a life-size drawing of my beloved and I ask you to copy this most carefully and to transform it into reality. ]

It's an older article, sir, but it checks out.
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dolemite said @ 6:03pm GMT on 6th May
So Oskar Kokoschka was the first incel to go public?
Taxman said[1] @ 11:41pm GMT on 6th May
From the article:
“he commissioned a life-size replica of his lost love

From my extremely short-lived stint looking at their boards after the Toronto thing, my understanding is once you go the dark side (light side?) of ‘having’ another person you are expelled from the group and are not welcome to return.
dolemite said[1] @ 7:16pm GMT on 7th May
So they mistakenly conflate celibacy with cradle-to-grave virginity? Does this this not increase the already high likelihood that none of their active membership have reproduced?

That's encouraging. I'm glad we got the chance to talk.

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