Wednesday, 18 April 2018

NPR Newscaster Carl Kasell Dies At 84, After A Lifelong Career On-Air

quote [ Kasell brought unflappable authority to the news, but he also had a lively sense of humor, revealed late in his career when he became the judge and scorekeeper for Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! ]

Calm the fuck down, 2018!
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TM said @ 1:18pm GMT on 18th Apr [Score:1 Underrated]
Carl was a master, in the style of Murrow, Ace, Terkel and Siegel. He made it his job to deliver the news as clearly as possible using only his voice, and he did it extraordinarily well. No graphics, no gimmicks, no sound effects or terrible jokes (at least, until he joined the quiz show, where it was appropriate). I'll miss him.
midden said[1] @ 4:58am GMT on 18th Apr
Wait, wait! Don't tell me!

(posted before I had even read the quote)
Abdul Alhazred said @ 4:23am GMT on 19th Apr
Shit. He was the voice of NPR. I will miss him.

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