Monday, 16 April 2018

The Overlooked Wonders of Soviet-Era Industrial Design

quote [ For her, the Soviet era from the 1950s onwards was an important period of design history, “when function and utility were the driving forces behind ideas but remarkable examples of innovation and creativity still flourished.” ]

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HoZay said[1] @ 4:41am GMT on 16th Apr [Score:1 Interesting]
That door handle without a door on the thumb car is kind of odd. Apparently you get in from the other side. Still not sure if the front opens somehow. There can't be much storage space there.

edit - no, really, that's a door:
biblebeltdrunk said @ 12:14pm GMT on 16th Apr
Reverse engineering a hatchback from just the name I guess.
biblebeltdrunk said @ 2:46am GMT on 16th Apr
If you like this check out Unsung Icons of Soviet Design on 99% invisible. I highly recommend that podcast in general.

Also, Bones And Grooves: The Weird Secret History Of Soviet X-Ray Music., an article on bootleg music from Russia called "bone music"

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