Thursday, 1 February 2018

52-year-old man dies three weeks after winning $1m in lottery

quote [ A man has died of cancer less than three weeks after winning $1m (£700,000) on the lottery. Donald Savastano was just 52-years-old when he passed away over the weekend. He had recently been diagnosed with stage four cancer, according to an obituary on the Dignity Memorial funeral services website. ]

If life is just gamble
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rndmnmbr said @ 8:55am GMT on 1st Feb [Score:2]
If this happened to me, the headline "Terminal cancer patient drowns in the finest pussy money can buy, he'll do his damned best to do the same to you at his funeral next Thursday."
Bruceski said @ 7:16am GMT on 1st Feb [Score:1 Funsightful]
It's like raiiiieeeeaiiiiiiin...
Gaunter O'Dimm said @ 8:56am GMT on 1st Feb
It's like ten thousand spoons...
Taxman said @ 3:32pm GMT on 1st Feb
When all you need is a cure for cancer...
lilmookieesquire said @ 6:38am GMT on 1st Feb
She said: ”He was self employed, he didn't have insurance, he hadn't been feeling good for a while I guess, and when he got the money he went into the doctor”.

"He had a friend come and talk to me, and they told me that he was very sick and that he had brain and lung cancer and that he was in the hospital and they didn't think he was going to make it."
Taxman said @ 5:05pm GMT on 1st Feb
Kind of curious how often he played the lottery.

What’s the old saying? An ounce of prevention is worth approximately 700,000 British pounds of cure?
mwooody said @ 10:57pm GMT on 1st Feb
This is why you should always be polite to your genie.
HoZay said @ 3:57am GMT on 2nd Feb
Make me rich for life.

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