Monday, 15 January 2018

Sarah Sanders Unwittingly Screws The Trump Administration

quote [ The Trump administration’s strategy of delegitimizing the free press hit a snag this weekend when White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to prove that Trump was misquoted, but provided audio showing the opposite. ]

Fun Fact: The White House is recording conversations within, which makes them subject to FOIA requests any time the President wishes to deny he said something, we can get the official version from White House itself.

And if they are recording more than just conversations with the press, I guess they missed the Nixon memo?
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ComposerNate said @ 12:41pm GMT on 15th Jan [Score:1 Good]
From my experience, no preacher's progeny turns out mentally healthy.
dolemite said @ 3:59pm GMT on 15th Jan
Onix said @ 6:50pm GMT on 17th Jan
That woman just reeks of awfulness. Like Cotton and that bitch Kellyann Conway. I can't help feeling like they have a strong, bad body odour, like someone who needs to bathe or just has the wrong diet and that reflects on their personal aura of bad smell.
norok said @ 5:47am GMT on 15th Jan
I just wasted 5 minutes of my time to read about speech inflection.
kylemcbitch said @ 7:40am GMT on 15th Jan
Well, you're certainly welcome to interpret that part as you like.

However, the news to me, is that the white house just confirmed they have recordings. So at this point, if they ever have issue with "fake news" again, either they need to release the recordings or the default position will be "you are lying."

Because now we know they have them. And we can FOIA them too. :)

Sometimes you need to see the forest for the trees.
ComposerNate said[5] @ 8:42am GMT on 15th Jan
How detectable is professional audio manipulation? Especially when all needed is adding a slight 'd to a word with reframed context plausible enough. And not all need gaslit, just a few as support for their decades long established 'fake news' storyline.
cb361 said @ 12:10pm GMT on 15th Jan
I'm pretty sure audio can be digitally faked nowadays beyond the ability to detect anomalies.
ComposerNate said @ 8:07am GMT on 16th Jan
It'd take me under an hour to do the job, assumedly then undetectable by ears or me-equivalent looking at wave form, but I assume computer analysis of either form or hidden underlining data could discover. That same program should then be able to fix/smooth errors accordingly, yes?
kylemcbitch said @ 9:24pm GMT on 15th Jan
Not sure, but I can already tell you this fuck up is paying dividends.

Cotton and Perdue both said they did not recall at all the president calling places "shitholes" at all. Following the release of this recording, they have changed their story again:

This time saying "Well, he said 'shithouse.'

This correction changes nothing about the meaning of what was said. It's pretty obvious they changed their tune once they realized there were potentially recordings of it.

ComposerNate said[2] @ 9:46pm GMT on 15th Jan [Score:2 Funny]
All of those strong, vibrant African countries and Haiti are built like brick shithouses. Why would anyone ever want to leave them? Why aren't we harboring more immigrants fleeing from places like Norway where the taxes are so crushingly high?
kylemcbitch said @ 9:53pm GMT on 15th Jan
BUGGERLUGS123 said[1] @ 2:49pm GMT on 15th Jan
Maybe they'll upload the "correct" doctored mp3 to twitter next time, you know like the one for POTUS health check where the MD spelled his own name wrongly.........
midden said @ 10:11pm GMT on 15th Jan
... and for the first time broke with the standard way of identifying himself as a doctor.
BUGGERLUGS123 said @ 2:51pm GMT on 15th Jan
The first FOIA request will be responded to with a "we do not record everything the president says"............hell, request one for the 6 senators last week and trumps "shithole" comment.....see where that leads.........

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