Sunday, 3 December 2017

Demon Things - Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project

quote [ This website serves as a portal for the subject of liminal entities in Ancient Egypt from its earliest times (Predynastic) to the Byzantine. The word “demon” is used here to refer to any helpful or hostile being that does not belong to the Ancient Egyptian categories of major god, human, or animal. ]

In these troubled times, we're all looking for help coping with the troubles, afflictions, and ailments of everyday life. But to which ancient demon should you turn? The Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project can help you find the sundisc-frogman that's right for you.
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[by papango@1:04amGMT]


rylex said @ 2:28am GMT on 3rd Dec [Score:1 Underrated]
This site is demonstrative of what we truly need during Trump's presidency, Shub-Niggurath.
eggboy said @ 10:23pm GMT on 3rd Dec
Am I just retarded or is that site difficult to navigate?
HoZay said @ 2:26am GMT on 4th Dec
Why not both?

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