Sunday, 1 October 2017

Eudora History: Email for a Different Era

quote [ The early graphical client Eudora was how people checked their email in the ’90s. But in the end, only the power users stuck around. Here’s what you missed. ]

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perezoso said[1] @ 2:36am GMT on 1st Oct
Used Eudora from the days of NCSA Telnet through the end times and, like the article suggests, haven’t been as satisfied with anything else since. “You’ve got mail”? Heck no, it was that Eudora dee-dah-dot.
dead_bob said @ 2:54am GMT on 1st Oct
HELL YES Eudora and NCSA Telnet, those were the days! That and Netscape .9c
IPFreely said @ 12:36pm GMT on 1st Oct
Speaking of TELNET would anyone still have STARWars ASCII link at all.

And oh was it a bad move not buying the Jurassic Park LaserDisc for AU$20 today (but FUCK eBAY)

Oh yea any one a fan of Superman/Boy comics?
Franger Sanger said[1] @ 4:10am GMT on 2nd Oct
Quite a trip back reading about Eudora and Winsock. Occasionally a flashback to an old GUI or an odd bit of software will spark a little nostalgia but I didn't feel that here.

Looking over the tech that does make me feel nostalgic, it's the stuff that felt like The Future at the time that does it. Reading "Computer Lib/Dream Machines" in the 70s; opening up my Apple IIe and seeing all the expandable slots in 1984; resizing and moving windows on my Amiga 500 and running programs simultaneously in 1988; semi-abandoned overambitious MUDs in the early 90s; streaming music directly from David Bowie's website in 1998.

Eudora never felt like the future. Like a lot of programs at the time it was awesomely nerdy, fine-tuned for super users and tinkerers. But the nerdy bits didn't seem like The Future. Sending an email to yourself to change internal settings is awesomely geeky, but still a kludge - to fix a complex system that was built on kludge after kludge.

The tech that reinvented from the ground up is the stuff that gets me bittersweet.
microbio said @ 6:21pm GMT on 2nd Oct
I used Eudora Light as long as I could, until it sopped working with most servers. The colsest I have now is Thunderbird.

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