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Neoliberalism has had its day. So what happens next?

quote [ In the early 1980s the author was one of the first to herald the emerging dominance of neoliberalism in the west. Here he argues that this doctrine is now faltering. But what happens next? ]

How many politic posts can we get in a row?

Emails reveal how foundation donors got access to Clinton and her close aides at State Dept

Third parties aren't 'spoilers'. They're at the cutting edge of democracy
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raphael_the_turtle said[1] @ 1:14pm GMT on 23rd August [Score:5]
This is something that I message about with evil_leet and steele a lot so let me just say sorry ahead of time for stealing words out of their mouths.

Priority Numero Uno: People before profits. America has this weird submissiveness to it where most of us just accept the fact that people are going hungry, dying, and living in squalor for reasons that could easily be fixed.

Universal Basic Income- everybody gets a set amount that covers the basic costs of living for your local region and surviving beyond that of which you would normally afford the animals of some shitty third world zoo. I want poor people to have fridges and Air Conditioning.

Single Payer Health Care - including RX, vision, dental, sexual, and mental

Free College and a form of Subsidized Trade Schooling - education, massive priority for democracy. Student loan forgiveness.

Public School reform - Including a massive upgrade for inner city/low income area schools. We also need a better way than standardized testing. I'm open to suggestions.

Overhaul the progressive income tax - drastically raise taxes on the upper income brackets. Overhall the capital gains tax, estate tax, et cetera. People before profit!

Campaign Finance Reform - Public Funding of elections only. Lately, I'm even leaning away from small donors, but I'm not 100% married to that yet. Remapping of districts using a fairer algorithm so that district maps don't look like jigsaw puzzles.

A Federal Department dedicated to proactively investigating for cases of modern day redlining.

Get Rid of First Past the Post Voting - I'm still on the fence for what to replace it with but there are plenty of options.

Public Transportation systems. Minimum of driverless/solar or hydrogen busses on a local scale. On a nationwide scale, a light rail system or an equivalent. Cheap Travel across the country is a necessity to getting people to travel outside their literal comfort zones. Which is a necessary ingredient of the well informed citizenry that democracy requires.

Nationalize necessary public utilities - Power, Water, Electricity, Internet. Yes, internet - again a well informed citizenry AND the ability for people to communicate open and freely are required for democracy. The same reason the post office is important is why we should be nationalizing our information infrastructure. Massive upgrade on the internet infrastructure while we're at it.

Post Office - get rid of the Pension pre-funding plan that is meant to drive them out of business and have them offer basic banking services.

Public Libraries - this is steele's idea - Digitize your basic fictional paperback catalogue and convert the function of a library into a cross between physical research resource providers, digital distribution centers, and makerspaces.

Green Grid and Climate Change - Make for a massive shift for solar, wind, and hydrothermal energy. I'm not against nuclear, per se, but there's too many variables floating around them that make for disaster. We're not living in a very stable position right now. Nuclear can wait. We need to stop spewing CO2 immediately.

EPA reform - EPA needs to be overhauled and given much more power

Intellectual Property Reform - Companies like Disney are screwing the Public Domain in order to hold onto their cash cows. We should drastically drop the number of years before IP is introduced into the public domain with an option for exceptions on the condition that profits derived from excluded IP are heavily taxed and put towards public services. Think a progressive income tax plan but IP based.

Anti-Trusts galore - Break up the banks (new glass-steagall), break up the media, break up the pharmaceutical industry if necessary.

We need some sort of economic Bill of Rights that covers privacy and how a person's data is being handled.

FDA overhaul - for all the complaints about Jill Stein's pandering, she's still right about the FDA.

Expire the Patriot Act and power down much of the NSA. Massive cut backs to the DOD. Shift priority from war to construction and humanitarian efforts.

Police Reform - Cameras for cops, we need a massive overhaul of our law enforcement situation. Still thinking about it.

Gun Control - background checks, waiting lists, classes. Not my greatest priority but I'm for reasonable gun control.

Reproduction Rights - Support women's right to choose with a heavy funding for preventative safe sex education.

Support Equality for all in wages, marriage, religion, et cetera.

I'm sure there's a lot more but this is what I was able to come up with over breakfast.

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