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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Problem: The SE site and all sub-pages load very slowly
Description: For the last few days, every site interaction (home page load, sub-page load, even loading each of these support pages) has been taking 2-3 minutes to load, even when my internet has otherwise been working perfectly in the same browser with all other sites. I could be wrong, but wanted to let you know in case it was an issue with the SE site.

[Problem Category: Misc.] [by Ebichuman @7:59am] [Closed]

steele said @2:22pm on 23rd Aug status changed to: [Closed]
I'm going to close this. We appear to be past the worst of it and the caching system seems to be working pretty well now.
steele said @11:41am on 25th Jun status changed to: [Assigned]
I'm aware, thanks. Just made a post about it. Your patience is appreciated ;)

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