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Friday, 4 July 2014

Problem: when i select all, copy, and paste I get extra coding when ip-logged out
Description: This only happens sometimes. I tried to repeat it on my phone in a normally logged in comment and didn't get anything...

I've noticed this happens when I try to post a comment but get ip-logged out, so the comment doesn't post... then I use the backbutton to go back and "select all", "copy" and hit the forward button (or go to the comment normally- I can't recall which I do, or if there's a difference) and "paste" the old comment into the new comment post...

The new "paste" includes formatting programing or something.

New time it happens I'll make note of the specific jargon that shows up-- only a part of it was included here:

[Problem Category: Comments] [by lilmookieesquire @6:17pm] [Closed]

steele said @6:35pm on 4th Jul status changed to: [Closed]
That is all your phone. the only thing I can recommend is if you have the option or some variation of 'paste without formatting' to use it.

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