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he who falls asleep with sex problem on mind, often wakes up with solution on hand - Chop-Logik

I didn't learn anything, I'm not a better person, but I laughed and wasted a few minutes - Mopy J

i wanna see your old hard drives - pmar13

another failed attempt at capitalizing on an Internet meme - damnit

it's like leaving a million tiny calling cards - Sgt Harry Snapper Organs..

This 'community' consists of nothing more than porn-obsessed technology wankers, who validate their existence by philosophising and analysising the most trivial insignificant matters to superfluous extent - shadystalkerperson

cunning ignorance - kichijoii

if you're sock puppeting to save your reputation, you're not drunk enough - Dioxin

I'm from Chicago, and yeah, we're all pretty much gigantic hypocrites with big penises - horseinsheep

taser him again, boys - Moke

where we help one another out through grope therapy - Navier-Strokes

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