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there's love, and then there's SE love - madfishmonger

why would anyone want to worship someone who leaves stains everywhere he goes? - sacrelicious

please don't ruin my post, Tamp - Final_Draft

It's easy to tell whether a cartoonist is conservative by seeing whether they portray the President as an uppity black man - KingPellinore

golden Sharias for Justice! - Sgt Harry Snapper Organs..

glorifying the worst of mankind, and from a first-person perspective - ComposerNate

Digg for dicks - plexer

is their server slow or am I fapping too fast? - virgindog

you think teaching people to read will fix YouTube comments? - kishi

marked NSFW because I know you fuckers too well. - Transfer

horse fellators. All of them. - ralfmaximus

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