random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

if you like rubbing yourself until your blisters explode with delight - Chop-Logik

just because we aren't used to seeing it doesn't mean the universe isn't - Trench

you gave your game away with the Troll Moderation - circulate

never breaks - nor does it bend. - ricky60

where you can be a vagitarian - vahid

teaching people how to type one handed since 2002 - Metatron5369

porn is expensive. Pr0n is free - Saint_Marck

first you have to convince Saint Marck to not be a useless pile of shit - Jewbacchus

shetland is teh hawt equine - leswilkerson

ranging from oddly flattering to uncomfortably violating - Baxter_UK

nothing kills the mood faster than a punch to the cunt - Bodnoirbabe

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