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how do you develop a resistance to something that drills a hole in you and injects DNA - moriati

like an angry bee in a hollowed-out garbanzo bean - Barnabas_Truman

head, shoulders heart and groin, HEART AND GROIN - symmetrian

beauty really is only skin deep, especially in the case of the vagina - Bodnoirbabe

new KRAFT squeeze-away-cancer, in all your favorite flavors - symmetrian

you have brought me joy... but now I'm horny and alone - snowfox

If they're old enough to climb Mt. Everest, they're old enough to suck my clit. - snowfox

during his precious visitation time he was posting to SE again! - lilmookieesquire

I didn't learn anything, I'm not a better person, but I laughed and wasted a few minutes - Mopy J

it's almost like having friends - cb361

better to have clicked and hated than never to have clicked at all - sanepride

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