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teaching people how to type one handed since 2002 - Metatron5369

oh, once again my boyish enthusiasm got the better of me - feeling constipated

man is the most extraordinary computer of all. And women are even cooler - Context

Batman is batman with a blue sky and green grass. Not a corpse on a tightrope with a fish - ukdollars

a vagina may not be a clown car but an ass is not a storage locker - tamp

come for the porn, stay for the DIY tips - Ronin.ca

my night action is as follows: I lament the wasted day while masturbating and eating cake. Then I cower in a corner - spite48

he who falls asleep with sex problem on mind, often wakes up with solution on hand - Chop-Logik

is there a grand council of fap, and if so, who cleans their offices? - Sgt Harry Snapper Organs..

home of the pr0nnoisseur - donnie

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