random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

if it's glowing, you're fapping too fast - mechanical contrivance

it's worse because the coke is in his seminal fluid. - Krutz

they won't rest until they give every social interaction creepy undertones - zkhan

come for the porn, stay for the DIY tips - Ronin.ca

there's enough donkey cock to go around - EPT

stealing is a method of gain - arrowhen

never get into a pissing contest with a bunch of pedantic pseudo-intellectuals - rezties

I wouldn't want to masturbate to a porn star who wanted me to masturbate to them. - cb361

spare the mod, spoil the child - thikarai

I like how you can see just a hint of asshole - crom

it was only the one time and I was lonely. Really lonely - f00m@nB@r

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