random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

I don't think I can maintain an erection while straddling someone's chest and just punching them in the face - swiggy

-1,000,000 you cost me a blowjob - horseinsheep

we may be smart, but we can be damned lazy, too - TheFurnace

porn is expensive. Pr0n is free - Saint_Marck

it's like Kegel exercises for your brain - Mr. Langosta

don't dream it... SE it... - leswilkerson

the Internet Bra - fifthSpango

beer seriously kicked my ass - graham

man is the most extraordinary computer of all. And women are even cooler - Context

fake testicles were a free speech issue - hell yeah

why havent we replaced MORE fabrics with bacon-cloth? - wottan

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