random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

stand in Steve Jobs' living room and produce oxygen - Ankylosaur

you ended up on SE, so the impact on your development is very clear - HPew

no sea too rough, no muff too tough, we dive at five - Fenny

if anyone starts being dirty, I will come and kung fu you - LINGsCARS

I have never been happier in my life as the day I shat the ER up. - rndmnmbr

welcome to "Sacrelicious Pisses on Everything Day" - Krutz

when the turtles entered my life, they taught me to be self-aware - ComposerNate

what, you were expecting Kenneth Branagh? - Amul Muzz

some people have more time on their hands than seems healthy - cb361

cunning ignorance - kichijoii

which do you prefer sir, high or low velocity? - theolypse

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