random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

if you're not jerking off to it anyway, get the hell out. - assbastard

my night action is as follows: I lament the wasted day while masturbating and eating cake. Then I cower in a corner - spite48

condoms: like wrapping a plastic bag over the heads of a million infants! - sacrelicious

shetland is teh hawt equine - leswilkerson

you gave your game away with the Troll Moderation - circulate

press F5 for a funny tagline - rebbel

it was only the one time and I was lonely. Really lonely - f00m@nB@r

I just leave a soul patch on the front. It's like having a little Hitler in my pants - snowfox

nothing kills the mood faster than a punch to the cunt - Bodnoirbabe

new KRAFT squeeze-away-cancer, in all your favorite flavors - symmetrian

the plural of anecdote isn't "data." - willrogers

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