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fuck the DM! We're taking this game into the Matrix - Ankylosaur

come for the porn, stay for the DIY tips - Ronin.ca

this is SE: you can fuck anything - Naruki

is their server slow or am I fapping too fast? - virgindog

society is the condom that protects us from being complete dicks to each other. It's pretty thin but it works 99% of the time - devilsad

having a penis that weighs more than a duck is actually a hassle - -_-

if you're not jerking off to it anyway, get the hell out. - assbastard

you cannot offend the truly innocent - Rapscallion

my other car is also your wife - Joe_Luma

every day is a good day for autoerotic asphyxiation - rndmnmbr

unknown dick scares me - snowfox

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