random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

don't feel ashamed, put your clothes off and jerk at will - sua_sponte

some pron in the extended - dook_sucks

they won't rest until they give every social interaction creepy undertones - zkhan

teaching people how to type one handed since 2002 - Metatron5369

I don't think I can maintain an erection while straddling someone's chest and just punching them in the face - swiggy

I can't believe my cockholsters! - Nihil

new KRAFT squeeze-away-cancer, in all your favorite flavors - symmetrian

every day is a good day for autoerotic asphyxiation - rndmnmbr

the vagina of the female duck is a winding labyrinth that warrants the male's crazy corkscrew of a cock - snowfox

time makes paedophiles of us all. - cb361

too subversive to be subtle - Chop-Logik

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