random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

don't feel ashamed, put your clothes off and jerk at will - sua_sponte

she never expected to absorb the poison though her vaginal wall - mechanical contrivance

4chan can be the true face of the internet, because we're the true tits - Context

Yes, I know all of these things. - donnie - KingPellinore

the truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off - madpride

one mans pRon is another man WTF - NickelJoe

like an angry bee in a hollowed-out garbanzo bean - Barnabas_Truman

who needs chocolate when you have cock? - discoLemonade

another failed attempt at capitalizing on an Internet meme - damnit

it's not random, but it's not sensible either - FifthSpango

goddamnit, we can wank to anything - wyckedfae

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