random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

you and the goat will appreciate it in the end - lilmookieesquire

a free-style poem with no consistent meter or rhyme scheme - snowfox

it's like leaving a million tiny calling cards - Sgt Harry Snapper Organs..

I couldn't stand to leave my fuzzbutt behind - granitewitch

keep it down and keep it dirty - moriati

much like the push-up bra, we like to support boobies - Tirade

if you look carefully you'll notice Marc is hugging his sister's butt and her foot is on his head - snowfox

if you're not jerking off to it anyway, get the hell out. - assbastard

never breaks - nor does it bend. - ricky60

never underestimate a coconut - ckfahrenheit

never read comments - theolypse

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