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a free-style poem with no consistent meter or rhyme scheme - snowfox

Digg for dicks - plexer

because you can't spell subtext, without buttsex - beerboy

a vagina may not be a clown car but an ass is not a storage locker - tamp

now you have an evolutionary excuse - monday

I'd still do her, just wouldn't listen to her - Navier-Strokes

-1,000,000 you cost me a blowjob - horseinsheep

not into old dudes - themanwhoeatslettus

I'm from Chicago, and yeah, we're all pretty much gigantic hypocrites with big penises - horseinsheep

tamp modded me up. Does that make me crazy? - Jaxon

a serving of foamy prawn gel between courses helps to cleanse the palate - Saint_Marck

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