random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

Please email all complaints to Saint_Marck@aol.com - Bleb

I also pee in the shower, but that's for another discussion - snowfox

it's like Kegel exercises for your brain - Mr. Langosta

defiling the lifebag of man - tamp

if it shouldn't go in the mouth, it shouldn't go in the body - ComposerNate

which do you prefer sir, high or low velocity? - theolypse

where we help one another out through grope therapy - Navier-Strokes

constructed from mind-glue like a brain castle - Baxter_UK

how I imagine madpride, only without the anuses - cb361

oh, once again my boyish enthusiasm got the better of me - feeling constipated

just because we aren't used to seeing it doesn't mean the universe isn't - Trench

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