random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

beer seriously kicked my ass - graham

better to have clicked and hated than never to have clicked at all - sanepride

having a penis that weighs more than a duck is actually a hassle - -_-

stand in Steve Jobs' living room and produce oxygen - Ankylosaur

ain't nuthin gay about liking a girl with a pretty cock - sacrelicious

I'm not sure I see the point to a sex bot who's only vulnerability is exposure to fluids - foobar

a hobo lapdance for your soul - mrcookieface

I don't want to put my willy in that secret hole - Xiph0

what, you were expecting Kenneth Branagh? - Amul Muzz

LOLs guarantee citizenship - revchoppy

I don't think I can maintain an erection while straddling someone's chest and just punching them in the face - swiggy

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