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beer seriously kicked my ass - graham

yeah, and what about gay porn? - sacrelicious

better sign up for a prepaid legal, you gonna need it - fz75

where herds of sluts run wild like feral ponies, humping everything in sight - lilmookieesquire

I come for the porn, I stay for the grammar lessons - jhvh1

ensuring that you won't get a courtesy lube - sacrelicious

still illegal, even if they are lesbian polygamists - Amul Muzz

not a fan of little girls or kittens? do NOT click this link - bltrocker

you have become the mirror image of that which you despise - Nostrildamus

Putting the fun in mastur-fun-bation. - forgotten

if you look carefully you'll notice Marc is hugging his sister's butt and her foot is on his head - snowfox

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