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where we help one another out through grope therapy - Navier-Strokes

porn is expensive. Pr0n is free - Saint_Marck

taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagliiiiiiiiine - ckfahrenheit

nothing hotter than a girl who just says what she wants, or just sticks it in her own ass from time to time. - spite48

^ ^ v v <> <> B A - Polyphemus

if I can fap to this so can you - Saint_Marck

fake testicles were a free speech issue - hell yeah

swinging the ancestral cock - Hazel

This 'community' consists of nothing more than porn-obsessed technology wankers, who validate their existence by philosophising and analysising the most trivial insignificant matters to superfluous extent - shadystalkerperson

useless without pictures - cb361

it sounds like something you want, but you don't - radioelectric

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