random Sensible Endowment tag lines:

the more you type, the righter you are - lilmookieesquire

you can't say things like that, sis. People will make pervy comments - shiney things

we're all SEmen, here. Even the shemen. - theolypse

ranging from oddly flattering to uncomfortably violating - Baxter_UK

still illegal, even if they are lesbian polygamists - Amul Muzz

he who falls asleep with sex problem on mind, often wakes up with solution on hand - Chop-Logik

who needs chocolate when you have cock? - discoLemonade

is there a grand council of fap, and if so, who cleans their offices? - Sgt Harry Snapper Organs..

it's like they're staring into my very soul... And giving it an erection - Todomanna

priceless. And worthless. - sanepride

nerdy girls are a singularity for dicks. - Nihil

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